The comforts of home

The Snork Maiden went on, and survived, a class retreat this week.  Today, she has to be at school twice, first to be a host student for an admitted-students event (it’s the day the incoming students take math placement tests and then have lunch and activities with current students), then in the evening to be on the stage crew for the play.  She’s grouchy about both of these things, though she was enthusiastic when she agreed to do them.  (I know what that’s like.)

I’m going to take her to the first event, then hole up and work for a while.  I have grading, planning, and organizing to do, as well as a new submission to make after receiving my fourth rejection so far–this one from another established literary journal that has also published my work before.  Will I write?  I dunno.  Feeling the pressure of the end of the school year–it’s hard to shrug that off and write first.

I’m probably also going to take a break to walk over to the field and watch some of a lacrosse match.  A lot of my students are playing, though it’s certainly hard to tell whom you’re watching when they’re all helmeted and their shapes are distorted with padding!

Stubb and I will get some dinner after we drop her off, then come back to watch the play.  I think that Sunday–aside from a Mother’s Day meal of some sort with Stubb’s folks–should probably be a stick-close-to-home, laundry-and-cooking, sprawl-on-the-couch kind of day.  We all need one.


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