baseball: Going to games at my graduate university (GU) really spoiled me for major league games.  The free or cheap parking!  The free or cheap tickets!  The cheap food!  And it wasn’t just about the free or the cheap.  It was also about a small stadium where you could pick practically any seat you wanted and not have to hike halfway around the place to the bathroom.  (Okay, so there was sometimes a long wait for the three stalls in the bathroom.)  And going often enough that we really got to know the team’s strengths and weaknesses, and to feel really invested in certain players, and to recognize some of the same people at all the games.

For various reasons, we don’t go to GU games as much as we used to, and NLNRU is kind of a shlep, honestly, just for a game (and the field is not at all convenient to the parts of campus I’m usually on).  We do have plans to hit a major-league game on spring break, and I’m sure it will be fun, but it’s not the same.


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