advising: At SA: the literary magazine (co-advisor); a couple of other clubs; the gay-straight alliance (along with a loose consortium of other faculty members); informally, students who are thinking about course selections, summer programs, life in general.  I don’t have any formal advisees; in the spring prior to freshman and sophomore year, students meet to select their courseloads with an administrator who acts as their academic advisor, and starting in the spring of sophomore year, their course advising is transferred to a college counselor . 

At NLNRU: several students writing theses; a student doing an independent study; until recently, the literary magazine; fellow faculty and the program director, who of course advise me in turn.

In general, otherwise: past students; past attendees of the conference I work on; colleagues; former colleagues; people in general.  Tonight, driving back from two advisee meetings and a working dinner with the director, I chatted on the phone with a teacher who left SA last year and is looking for some adjunct teaching while working on a book.  (I suppose I could have directed him to this blog.)  I gave him the advice I’ve given here and elsewhere: for adjuncting locally, contacts trump almost anything, and apply in August a few weeks before classes start, because that’s when department chairs get left in the lurch.


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