Daily records, part 2

So as I mentioned, the submissions game has changed somewhat since the last time I was submitting regularly.  I submitted one piece to a large-circulation national magazine via their online submissions system and got it back Friday, a scant twelve days later–which is really just long enough to let me feel that someone actually read it and passed on it.  (Whether this is true, or who read it, I’ve no idea.  Perhaps some vague intern.  But that idea doesn’t bother me particularly; if a vague intern isn’t seized by the work, then most of the magazine’s readership won’t be, either.) 

So I turned around and sent it to another large-circulation national magazine.  Via their online submissions system, of course.


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  1. […] got a rejection letter from the second large-circulation magazine; this one took about two months.  Also got a rejection from a smaller, distinguished journal that […]


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