Three lives

I did teach some Gertrude Stein this week, though not Three Lives–some of the poems.  The last time I taught “Picasso,” the students were so weirded out by it that I had us read it aloud and then made them each write a poem in the style of “Picasso,” choosing as a subject an artist (visual artist, composer, choreographer, etc.) they admire.  Very successful assignment–a good example of how imitating a style teaches you about the effects of style. 

So, it’s been a couple of weeks since I updated.  I did make it to AWP despite the weather and all the travel disruptions, and I had quite a lovely time.  Made it to one off-site reading to hear a friend read from her first book, but otherwise just shuttled between the Marriott and the Omni.  Got to spend some wonderful time with BM, but the weather and travel snarls deprived me of MW.  I went into last week at school kind of depleted, and promptly caught a cold–though the first and only so far of the school year, I might add. 

I have just begun to send out the new book (to two places so far) and (starting last night) have also begun trying to place parts of it in magazines. 

I feel tremendously behind at NLNRU–visiting writers have disrupted, however profitably, the usual course of my class, and I canceled a class because of AWP.  I feel moderately behind at SA.  These are not good feelings to have at the same time.

So there’s not likely to be a gigantic upswing in my blogging frequency.  Just in case you were wondering.


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