An outpost of progress

Saturday so far: Up at 7:00 to pick up the Snork Maiden from a school overnight event; down to NLNRU for 2.5 very productive hours of reading applications in preparation for an admissions committee meeting on Monday; an hour and a half of eating lunch and messing around on the computer and answering a few emails.  Now I’ve got a little over an hour to shower and do a bit of work before picking up the Snork Maiden (who’s rollerskating and catching up with Dee) and, eventually, making my way over to SA for a chaperoning gig.  Tomorrow is just as busy, albeit in a completely different way.  I know this isn’t much of a blog post, but it’s a hand waving and saying hi…

You know something I’m not so good at?  Scheduling things.  I volunteered to put together the table-coverage schedule for NLNRU and the NLNRU literary magazine at AWP.  The exhibit hall/bookfair is open for 8.5 hours a day for three days, I have 7 people with varying availability to do coverage, and making it all fit together is surprisingly hard.  I think that next year I should put together the schedule first, and then make people switch with each other after they figure out what panels they want to attend.  Hee.  Seriously, if you have any advice, I’d love to hear it.


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  1. I’m glad for the update 🙂

    I’m fine at scheduling things for myself, or even for class. I get frustrated trying to schedule things involving other people who have lives of their own, especially when they think their lives are even more important than my needs!!!!! :/


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