Up and down

In honor of the end of our SA semester, here are a few things, one of which will bum you out, though there is a note of hope at the end, and the others of which will, I hope, cheer you up.

The first one is the extremely bad news (via Dr. Isis at On Becoming a Domestic and Laboratory Goddess) that if you are a veterinary student at UC Davis and you become pregnant, give birth and miss a quiz, your professor might poll the class on what grade to give you: Yes, it happened; in better news, here’s the chancellor’s reply.

OK, that’s the grim part, here’s the funny stuff: Dr. Becca posted a link to “Hey, Ladies, Check Out My Faculty I.D.” by Jonny Waldman in McSweeney’s.

Liked that?  How about this: the New Yorker’s Book Bench blog wrote about the “History for Music Lovers” channel on YouTube, on which two teachers from Hawai’i set lyrics about history (and about historically significant literary works) to pop songs past and present.  The Canterbury Tales/“California Dreamin'” one is embedded in the Book Bench post.  Enjoy!


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