The house of the spirits

SA started up again this week, and I remarked to Dr. Tea that while I am not normally all that sensitive to energy and vibrations and all those woo-woo things, being away from it all for two weeks just really made me notice what bundles of crazy energy our students are, how even the stillest, calmest one of them is an absolute bubbling cauldron of hormones and emotion.  I just find myself noticing what young animals they are, and I mean that in the nicest possible way: how alert they are, how lithe and fleet and flexible, how unstinting, how they completely give themselves over to whatever is happening in the moment.  When the Snork Maiden was a baby and a small child, I envied her ability to live in the moment, even as I was frequently bored by playing the-same-game-of-peekaboo over and over.  (She never got tired of it, or, it seemed, of anything; I was always the one who changed it or distracted her with something else.)  I didn’t know that teenagers could be the same way.  Of course, they can also be sleepy and flaccid, and when they are, they give themselves completely over to that.

So for the last two days, I’ve just been beset by all kinds of weird, apparently random feelings, many of them pleasant (goofiness, playfulness), some of them unsettling.  My antennae have become more sensitive over the last few years–but I may need to pull them in a little after breaks, especially as we head into semester exams.  I don’t need the extra anxiety!


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