Disappearing acts

I’ve been reading blogs more sporadically during the last month than I usually do, but I’ve enjoyed reading the #reverb10  posts from people I usually read anyway, like Dr. Crazy and New Kid.  So just for today, I’m going to follow one of the prompts from, I don’t know, maybe a few days ago:

Prompt: 5 minutes. Imagine you will completely lose your memory of 2010 in five minutes. Set an alarm for five minutes and capture the things you most want to remember about 2010.

We’ve just come back from our Southwestern trip (and no one got sick!); as we often try to do on trips, we were keeping a journal, but despite the fact that there are three of us who are literate, we got way behind on the entries, and we’re up to Day 3 of a seven-day trip.  I love reading our old trip journals, though, and they really make me aware of how much is always forgotten, even jokes that made you laugh so hard you almost wet yourself, or the most beautiful sunset of the year.  A big incentive to continue blogging is the fun of reading back over old entries, now that I’ve been doing this for more than three years. 

I don’t have a very good memory.  I’m always mixing up when things happened, what happened, and who was there when they happened.  And I forget a lot of things altogether.  This is one of the reasons I write.

I like that this prompt doesn’t give me time to go back through my Gmail and remind myself of things.  I’ll just flip through the rapidly fading photo album of memory–most recent first.  Here we go:

December 2010: Southwest trip!  Long drives with Stubb and the Snork Maiden; sitting in a certain very dear friend’s cozy kitchen, drinking wine and talking; walking up an extinct volcano; Canyon Road in Santa Fe; paintings by Daniel Merriam and others.  Working on ms. 

November: Great long phone conversation with old friend on opposite coast.  Smallest Thanksgiving ever, with only six of us around the table and a game of Balderdash afterwards.

October: Realizing what an amazing group of freshmen I have this year.

September: The Snork Maiden’s bumpy adjustment to SA begins!

August: Hot.

July: Watching the chickens with the Snork Maiden and MW’s little daughter.

June: Can’t remember.

One minute left: World Cup at the South African bar at six in the morning with Stubb, the Snork Maiden, and Bestfriend (Italy vs. England, I think?).  BM telling MW that she was worried about my perfectionism.  Wonderful massage at the expensive but not prohibitive day spa.  Not enough travel.  Wanting to go to Alaska.  Having Stubb home for the summer.  Snork Maiden’s elementary-school graduation.

Five minutes isn’t very long, is it?

And one more thing: Oh, dear, I am such a sucker for something like this.  (Via the reverb10 website.)


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  1. […] a shared schedule for the Snork Maiden and me (she started sixth grade at SA that year).  In my post about this trip, I also did a Reverb10 prompt, and rereading the results (“Imagine you will completely lose […]


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