Eating the dinosaur

Thursday is as standard a day as I ever have at SA, despite the imminence of winter break.  I have carpool duty in the morning (yawn), which really just means spending the half-hour before school starts trotting briskly down to where the high-schoolers who carpool get dropped off, standing there keeping an eye on things, and then trotting briskly back uphill in time for homeroom.  Then I trot back most of the way, because my first class on this particular day is in Akela’s classroom, which is very convenient to the carpool area, but not to my own room.  (Shucks, this would have been a good day to ask Dr. Tea to cover my homeroom.  Maybe I can still do that.) 

Then I have a few periods free, in which I plan to rewrite a quiz, revise my exam study guide, and read a late final paper from an NLNRU student; then I teach another class; then lunch; then another free period; then another class.  (Remember that I am not teaching a full schedule at SA.  On this day, my prep periods roughly equal my teaching periods.  It’s great, and not typical of high school schedules.)  This will be the last day I see two of my classes until January.  I’m supposed to have lunch with Dr. Tea and Akela, which I proposed in yet another attempt to make sure I don’t eat lunch at my desk every day. 

I have a class last period, so it’s not the greatest day to go to NLNRU–I usually try to go when I can leave early–but I don’t want to go on Friday, and I have to put this semester to bed and lay some groundwork for next semester:

  • File final grades
  • Read a pile of applications
  • Order a couple of books by next semester’s visiting writers
  • Email about details for one of those writers; send save-the-date emails ditto

If I can get all these things handled, I’ll feel reasonably OK about being away from NLNRU for two weeks, and I’ll be almost ready to start winter break!


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