Get lucky

On my list of things to do this weekend was to write a letter of support for one of my old graduate professors, who is up for an award.  I knew I’d written one sometime in the last few years in support of a promotion for this same person, and I knew that if I could only find it, I would save myself an hour or so of the hassle of composing an entirely new letter.  I suspected that it was on my SA computer, but wasn’t absolutely sure, and how much would it suck to drive to SA and not find the thing after all?  But then I unearthed an old email thanking me for the last letter, the timestamp of which made it seem extremely likely that I had, in fact, written the thing at SA and sent it during lunchtime, so off I went–and I found it!  There’s really no time savings, since of course I have to rearrange this one and reframe it in order to plagiarize myself effectively,  but I’ll take an hour of driving to SA and back and plundering my computer there over an hour of sighing, chewing a pencil, and deleting sentences on the computer here.


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