Heart of darkness

Sophomores and juniors of America, I am sorry that you have to spend the morning taking the PSAT.  I really am.  I’m also sorry that at SA, after the test, you don’t get to just go home or out to Roy Rogers for a burger with your friends.  You have about an hour (assuming that your proctors are efficient) to eat your lunch, and then you have to go listen to some speakers, probably advising you about choosing healthy behaviors (one teacher told me that she heard the session is about the dangers of texting while driving.  I hope they also mention texting while biking and skateboarding, because that runs rampant at NLNRU).  At least you get to wear jeans.

I’m not taking the PSAT.  I don’t teach today.  I’m helping to proctor, and I have all kinds of unrealistic ideas about the organizing and grading I’m going to do during the test.  Then I’m going down to NLNRU for a couple of meetings and a run–all, I hope, in daylight.  And I get to wear jeans too.


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  1. Here’s a heart of darkness for you: Our students didn’t take the PSAT today. They’ll take it Saturday, when they’ll have to show up at school at 7:30 a.m., all so that they don’t miss a day of classes.

    And me? Yeah, I’ll be not only proctoring it, but actually reading the test out loud to a vision-impaired student. I get paid extra for it, but not really enough to make up for being at school that early on a Saturday morning. (Once Operation Get-Out-of-Debt is over, you better believe that will be the end of my time with the College Board tests!)


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