The unexpurgated version

If you didn’t read the protected post, Adam Carolla’s observation to Lindy West in The Stranger covers a lot of it:

“Oh. Let me tell you somethin’, sister. If you are semicompetent, everything becomes your responsibility, because you end up fucking drowning in imbeciles and then you have to do all the shit.”


Today was a nice day.  I had two SA classes in which we read and talked about poems.  One thing I like doing with the ninth-graders is having students read several different poems together before we talk about any of them in any depth.  Then I can start by asking some comparative questions, ranging from initial-impressions questions like “Which one did you like the best?” and “Which one seems the most mysterious?” to more technical poetry questions like “Which one has the most unusual stanza form?” and “Which one has the lightest tone?” 

After we’ve rolled them around a little bit and they’re softened up–the poems, I mean, but also the students–then we can go more deeply into one at a time.  Their assignment–since they just turned in an essay draft–is to take one of the poems home and “introduce” it to someone else: a parent, another relative, a friend.  They’re supposed to read it aloud, read it together, talk about what they notice, what the poem reminds them of, how it makes them feel.  Then they come back and report.

And I hardly did anything NLNRU-related.  Tomorrow, though, I leave SA early and go to meetings at NLNRU.  I’d rather stay and bring the Snork Maiden home, but it’ll be good to get down to NLNRU with plenty of daylight left, and maybe be able to have a coffee with my chair apart from the scheduling meeting and the meeting about the stupid report.


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  1. Posted by Pym Fan on September 16, 2010 at 1:58 pm

    I like the Adam Corolla quote. In the project I’m editing right now, I find myself spending an inordinate amount of time fixing cross-reference snags that should have been caught by some research assistant WAY earlier in the process. Very annoying.


  2. I like that poem activity-I’m doing poetry in the spring, and will hang onto it. As for the other, I think that quote is……. funny. I’m diplomatically smiling now, you just can’t see me :).


  3. Great poetry exercise — I may borrow it later this term!

    Glad that the week got better by the end.


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