The waste land

Good golly, that first week must have taken a lot out of me, ’cause I was pretty much a useless lump on Saturday.  I kept saying, “I’m going to get up and put in some laundry” or “I’ll go to the store in a little while,” but somehow those things never happened.  I did, however, kvetch about the state of the house, and Stubb and the Snork Maiden did some tidying up (to be fair, even before I got up and started kvetching, the Snork Maiden washed the previous night’s dinner dishes we’d left in the sink). 

The nicest thing about the day was having dinner with Stubb at the South African bar & grill and then going to hear a performance of a group he’s been playing with.  It’s a bunch of young musicians and at 43 he is very much the elder statesman–funny how one slips into that position with no warning, I’ve felt it myself in certain contexts.  (Dr. Tea and I are the only English department members in our 40’s; the others range from, I believe, 26 to 35.  We have one older administrator who teaches one English class and is therefore the good gray eminence of our department.)

Today I woke up with more energy and roused myself to make a list and go to the store, where I wheeled my efficiently loaded cart up to the checkout lanes to discover that the computer system had gone down and no one could say when it might be back!  So I dithered for a little bit and then reshelved all my stuff (which didn’t take as long as I thought it would) and went home empty-handed.  I’ll do some other tasks around the house–including helping Stubb, who has heroically tackled the pile of mail and junk mail on the kitchen table.  Tomorrow will involve some socializing with friends and cousins, so I ought to get the laundry moving today, too.


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