Can you keep a secret?

The class I taught tonight at NLNRU…

the continuing slow burn of various NLNRU fires we haven’t quite put out…

the Snork Maiden’s first day of middle school tomorrow…

the need to provide Dorothea and our new colleague, Romola, with some semblance of assistance as they get ready to teach for the first time the classes I’ve been teaching since I arrived at SA…

and even the question of what to wear for the first day of classes–

all of these are attracting the energy that I might otherwise be putting into the planning of my first class meeting at SA tomorrow, with the result that I have a strange dizzy feeling about it.  I feel light and unprepared.  Who knows what I might teach?

Okay, I do have the course description, and the first assignment sheet, and even a handout, but they are just tarted-up versions of last year’s.  I know I’ll walk in and start, and it will all be okay.  It just seems weird not to be perseverating about it–

–of course, I’m awake now, which means I can’t possibly get enough sleep to be fresh on.


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  1. Good luck with the first class! My first classes meet tomorrow, and I’ve only in the last 24 hours settled down enough to make specific plans for the next week or so. I was so full of exciting ideas about stuff we might do during the year that I was having a terrible time limiting myself to prepping for an actual 45-minute class.


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