The panda’s thumb

Just a few quick comments drawn from the beginning of classes at NLNRU and the start of faculty meetings at SA:

  • (SA) I have a lot of really good colleagues.  It was really a pleasure to come back and catch up with Dr. Tea, with Dorothea, with Natasha B., the Librarian, and other folks.  I’m going to be teaching one of my classes in a history classroom otherwise inhabited by a lean gray wolf of a teacher.  Akela (for so I shall call him) is one of my favorite people at SA, and I think I’m glad that this scheduling quirk will let me see more of him. 
  • (SA) The Snork Maiden is almost ready to go.  She still needs a pair of dress shoes (probably ballet flats) and a watch, and we’re waiting for a couple of pairs of uniform shorts to arrive from Lands’ End.  Otherwise, she has all the uniform pieces: polo shirts, skirts, a blazer.  She has her books and her backpack.  She’s a little volatile, thinking of all the new challenges ahead, but pretty upbeat.
  • (NLNRU) Good first class, I think.  One student I’m a little concerned about; stares at his notebook, barely responds to questions.  May think he’s in the wrong place.  Maybe is. 
  • (My Entire Career Thus Far, But More Specifically, NLNRU) There’s always a difficult person somewhere.  Even when things are going well, there’s someone getting ready to spring up like the nasty folded-up clown folded into a jack-in-the-box.  And sometimes (getting philosophical here) you have to turn the handle anyway.    (The tinkling music plonks away.)

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  1. Appreciate you sharing, great blog.Really thank you!


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