Devil with a blue dress

“The Great American Apparel Diet”: for once I am far ahead of the trend.

Stubb and I sometimes say, of a particular consumer good, “This shirt (or skirt or pair of pants or pair of shoes) owes me nothing.” This means that we bought the item for, say, $29 and wore it 500 times and now it’s exhausted its useful life. The summer shirt that I currently say this about is a teal-colored camp-style shirt. I wear it to SA in fall and spring with black pants or a black skirt; I wear it in the summer and on weekends with jeans or jean shorts–so for nine months of the year, I wear it about once a week. I have at least two pairs of earrings and two necklaces that match it. I think this is its third summer and it still looks pretty good, despite having been washed what, between 120-140 times?

And now I discover that I am only a foot soldier in the Six Items or Less army. I am so trendy, I make myself sick.


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  1. […] Posted August 28, 2010 by meansomething in SA. Leave a Comment The Snork Maiden and I had lunch recently with my colleague Natasha B. and her daughter, now that the two girls are going to be in the same grade at SA (Natasha B.’s daughter has been there since kindergarten). We ate at a mall restaurant and then wandered around the mall for a while. I looked for a pair of sandals that would be okay for work (no luck) but found a pair of very comfortable black flats that I plan to wear the hell out of. […]


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