The commitments

Oh dear, I really suck at ignoring the email–but to be fair, I’ve had to keep opening it to fish out info that’s relevant to the syllabus.  Also decided to order an additional text (smooches to you, bookstore people) and so had to go digging for the course ID number and other stuff.  There are also a couple of correspondence threads that I sent with high urgency and to which I really do have to respond promptly…

…but the GOOD NEWS is that everything on the list except the writing is done, plus a couple of other things (e.g. paid the mortgage, which is due tomorrow), and I still have over 3.5 hours until I need to leave to get the Snork Maiden.  Yay.  So NOW I’m going to close up all the email windows and start spreading my ms. all over the floor again.

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