A trap for fools

Right after the school year ended at SA, I began fantasizing about next year–mostly taking those end-of-year thoughts about what the ninth-grade English journey is all about, and thinking about how to move more purposefully through the year next time.  What’s worked, what hasn’t, what I’d like to try again.  These thoughts settled down after a week or so.

And now, a few weeks later, I find I’m missing being in the classroom and strangely impatient to start the whole cycle over again.  What???  I’ve barely had any vacation yet!

Partly I suppose it’s that I am having trouble managing my time well.  I’m letting NLNRU take over my weekday hours (and even some of my weekend ones), I haven’t done that much around the house or on my book.  When I’m back on the school-year treadmill, I won’t feel this kind of responsibility…

…but partly, I cannot deny, it’s that I miss being somebody’s teacher.  A lot of somebodies’ teacher, actually.


One response to this post.

  1. Surely this is a very good sign that you’ve chosen your career well!

    I’m actually looking forward to not being anyone’s teacher for a few weeks, once summer school ends this Friday, but of course I’m using much of that time to think and read and write about teaching in preparation for once again being someone’s teacher in the fall!


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