Germ wars

So after I started to feel a little better, I realized that Stubb has two days off in a row–Sunday and Monday–and that while we can’t jet to Europe, we could get a reasonably-priced hotel at the beach for two nights, with a pool and proximity to some fireworks.  A break, I said to Stubb, that’s what I need–a little getaway.  And I briefly considered a pretty expensive “family resort” type thing with a kids’ program and a spa and its own Fourth of July celebration, but then settled on a more moderate one with  fewer amenities but a nice pool and walking distance to the beach.  Awesome.  We would spend Saturday night, have all of Sunday, and leave Monday in time to come home and get ducks in a row for the four-day workweek.

Except that Friday night I developed a pounding, throbbing headache, with enormous sinus pressure (I think–isn’t that what it is when your eyes and your front teeth and the roof of your mouth all hurt?).  I was wondering for a while whether I should go to the ER–it was that bad, and that unaccustomed–felt like something was going to rupture in there.  However, the Snork Maiden was asleep and Stubb was at work until late, and by the time he got home, ibuprofen and Sudafed had blunted the agony. 

Saturday morning it was more like a regular I’ve-got-a-virus headache–not nosey/sinusy, just aching, feverish throbbing, and a temperature of ~100.  So it’s rest, pain relievers and no freakin’ beach for me.

The Snork Maiden had plans today with a friend from last year’s soccer team, and when the friend’s mom heard I was sick, she offered to have the Snork Maiden sleep over–for which we are all very grateful.  Now it’s late Saturday night, I’m feeling somewhat more human, and I miss the Snork Maiden–though I’m glad she’s sleeping elsewhere, and won’t be exposed to my germs or to my kvetching.  She’s not too broken up about the change in our July 4 plans, because when I made them, she was wistful about not being here for the neighborhood parade, our usual fireworks, etc.–kids being the traditionalists that they are. 

Stubb should be home soon.  I’ll try to limit his exposure to germs and to kvetching.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Ugh, I hope you’re feeling better by now.

    And, re: your comment on your previous point, I too am trying to bear in mind that I am still worn out from the school year (not sure why it seems to have been so much more tiring than previous years, although maybe I think that every summer), and so when I am inclined to bewail the passing of the summer, I have to remember that I’ve actually had only two weeks of summer thus far, one of which has been spent teaching summer school (only two weeks left, thank goodness), and that I will eventually have four entirely unscheduled weeks of honest-to-goodness summer. There’s really so much time left, and I’m so lucky to have a home I love such that staying in it (as opposed to vacationing elsewhere) is no hardship. I’m trying to practice gratitude.


  2. Posted by meansomething on July 5, 2010 at 4:12 am

    Me too!

    Here’s hoping that those lovely four weeks come soon.


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