Dance dance dance

Got my SA grades in on Thursday, met my classes for the last time (sniffle) and was all ready to draw a nice deep breath of relief and have a lovely day off on Friday before graduation Saturday when I learned that the only full-time admin person in our NLNRU program had accepted another job offer that begins a week from Monday–and will only be in two days next week because of a prearranged three vacation days.  So suddenly there was a lot to do right away at NLNRU, including helping interview an admin who is being laid off from a program that is being folded into other departments, and helping write up a rationale for adding another full-time staffer.  My chair observed that the folding program had three full-time staffers and is–or was–smaller than we are.  Of course, it’s folding.  But we are growing and the work really is too much for one person.  We’ll see what the higher-ups have to say.

Stubb was working, so I took the Snork Maiden to school and went straight to NLNRU to pitch in, which allowed me to experience morning traffic to NLNRU.  Not bad at all from the Snork Maiden’s school–though I did see a motorcyclist wipe out on a highway ramp!  I didn’t see what caused the wipeout–just the cloud of dust/grit that billowed up from his wheels and the cars stopping very abruptly, but safely.  Another motorcyclist hopped off his bike and helped the guy up–he was limping, but looked surprisingly intact.  Someone else called the police, and once the rider and his bike were safely to the side, traffic started moving again and almost right away I heard the report on the radio.  I hope his injuries weren’t serious, and I’m glad the accident wasn’t much worse, as it so easily could have been if people weren’t alert.

After NLNRU, I made my way back to the Snork Maiden’s school and took her and Bestfriend briefly to the mall, then to my sister’s, where we fed, entertained, bathed and put to bed my niece and nephew.  My sister had a work event, and by the time she got home, both girls were yawning and becoming cranky.  I took Bestfriend home, sent the Snork Maiden to bed, and have been at the computer, reading the New York Times, snacking, drinking red wine, and generally decompressing from the day.  It is silly to stay up so late, not least because I have to get up close to my usual time in order to attend SA graduation, but sometimes simply going to bed doesn’t seem like enough of a nostrum for the day.


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