Sloppy Joe

You know what, I did have a choice, and I chose to abandon the proposal.  I will write apologies to the people who signed on, but I know that none of them is counting on this panel to be the sole reason for going to AWP.  (And, of course, there was no guarantee it would be accepted anyway.)  The idea will be just as good next year, and anyway I only had three people besides myself signed on; this way, I can add a fourth, at least, and maybe balance out the panel more.  I had good racial/ethnic diversity, but all of the panelists were women, two of us from NLNRU, and definitely slanted toward our part of the country–though I don’t think that’s necessarily a problem.

I don’t think I need to be on a panel in order to secure funding to go next year; I’m doing so much with NLNRU recruiting and admissions that I’m pretty sure we will want me to go for that alone. 

And honestly, in my life now there are plenty of times when I suck up my own personal discomfort because something needs to get done; I need to get better at recognizing when I don’t have to do this, or when it will make almost no difference to anyone but myself if I don’t. 

Today has been mostly a lying-around-the-house day, and that’s just fine.  On Sunday, I will need to do some SA work in order to be ready for Monday, and I have afternoon meetings at NLNRU on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, so I’d better be well-rested.  Just two weeks of regular classes remain at SA!   I am simultaneously experiencing feelings of “it’s practically OVER” and feelings of “eek, there’s SO MUCH left to do!”


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