Still kicking…

…but having my tail kicked, also, by the end of the semester.  Busy as a one-legged man at an ass-kicking contest, in fact.  And other kicking-related metaphors.

Slight uptick in the difficulty of managing the SA/NLNRU split.  Rough encounter with a colleague at NLNRU one afternoon, felt hungover from the utter ickiness of it all the next day at SA.  Impossible to attend the marshals’ walkthrough before NLNRU commencement–teaching at SA and then what will probably be a fairly important faculty meeting about changes to the advising system.  Will I walk my row in the wrong direction?  Unlikely, since there probably won’t be anywhere to go except where we are supposed to be.  Still, a little uneasy.  And haven’t yet gotten the (usually routine) permission to take NLNRU commencement day as a personal day from SA.

Today, grading and teaching in the morning, proctoring an AP in the afternoon.  Have had a scratchy throat for four days–I think it’s an allergy to something.  Hoping I don’t lose my voice again.

Good things: the Snork Maiden seems to have adjusted to the idea that she’s going to SA next year.  She attended an event for newly admitted students, took a math placement test, and had lunch and games with some new and continuing students.  She made some elective choices for next year–exciting to choose a language to study and a music class.  Her elementary-school friends are mostly going to four programs at three different middle schools, a lot in a clump in one program, but Bestfriend is going to a different one where none of their good friends are going.  It happens to be the one where cousin Snufkin is going, but in a different program.  So the Snork Maiden is not the only one who will be at a completely different school from most of their current classmates, which seems to help.  She is finding things to look forward to, like having a locker (SA has lockers, most public schools around here don’t).

And Stubb is not going to Teslafest this year, so probably less moving around for us this summer, and we’ll all be together for most of it.  Maybe even take an actual vacation.  Still mulling over all the options.


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