The commitments

I should be having the Snork Maiden sit down and do her remaining half-hour of homework right now, and I should sit down with her and grade a few papers while she does it, but I just caught up with a few of my favorite blogs and I got the itch to update mine, finally.  It has been more than two weeks–that’s a lot, even for me. 

As predicted, the school year has been sliding on greased rails toward the end, and deadlines have been whizzing past.  I said I’d judge a contest at another college and those mss. are waiting for me and my top three picks are due Friday.  I taught my last NLNRU class, and I’ve written comments on almost all my NLNRU students’ final projects.  There are, however, huge numbers of things to be dealt with at NLNRU, and in a fit of community-mindedness several months ago, I agreed to be our marshal at commencement, which means I have to go to commencement.  I have to wear an aguillette (would that not be a great spelling bee word?), which is in my desk drawer making me nervous because if I lose it, the replacement cost is supposedly $100 (don’t tell me these things!). 

Over at SA, I’ve been teaching, grading, helping pull together the literary magazine, spearheading some National Poetry Month activities (Thursday is Poem in Your Pocket Day, by the way), and squealing with congratulations whenever one of the students I wrote a recommendation for stops by to tell me where he or she is going to college.  Barnard, Penn, Michigan, two different campuses of our state university system–obviously, we’re not in Michigan–NYU, University of San Francisco–the Catholic one, not SFState–are the ones I know so far.  The Snork Maiden has gotten pretty upbeat about going to SA next year.  She picked the language she will study (Mandarin!) and is excited about having a locker.  It’s the little things.


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