The weather of words

Looks like the weather in Denver will be quite nice for AWP: daytime highs in the 50’s and 60’s F, lows at night in the 30’s and 40’s.  It would be nice not to have to take rain or snow gear, especially considering that I’m usually indoors for the vast majority of the conference. 

Austin has been the best AWP for me so far in terms of getting out and seeing a little of the city, in part because the convention center is so close to downtown, but also because the people I was there with were very interested in getting out and having nice meals.  Vancouver was pleasant, too, although I saw mostly office buildings and very little of Super, Natural British Columbia.  Chicago ditto, but at least there was a lot to walk to and the conference hotel was close to the Art Institute of Chicago.  Atlanta–sorry, Atlanta, but all I remember is a couple of hotels.  And I love New York, but it was my first time attending AWP with NLNRU and I really had no time to do anything but the conference.

We’ve just come off a 24-hour period of taking care of nephew Sniff (he’s two, going on three), and I am reminded of how relentless it is being around a child that young.  It was also 24 hours of straining to understand everything he said, since Toddler English and Adult English are not always mutually intelligible dialects.

This break has been more cluttered with activity than winter break.  The Snork Maiden only had one week–she goes back Monday–and she wanted to pack in as much friend time as possible.  Two visits with Bestfriend, one movie (Alice in Wonderland) with Dee, one visit with Xavier (who has been attending a different school this year), and two visits with her best friend from Montessori school, including a sleepover.  One soccer game played (they lost, so their spring record is 1-1-1), two college baseball games attended, and hanging out and helping with the younger cousins–she’s been busy.  So have we.

I went to NLNRU three times this week and got a lot done.  It was nice to be there in regular daylight hours, and I did have a few thoughts about how pleasant things might be if it were my only job. 

Perhaps not surprisingly, SA spring break has not been hugely productive for me in terms of work on the book ms.  The time I have managed to spend has been useful, and I do have some chunks of time scheduled in over the next three days before I leave for AWP.  I’m not feeling hugely social about AWP, either, so I wonder whether I might actually hole up in the hotel and work some there, too.


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