Long time gone

Over the weekend, I went to a reading by students in my program at a bookstore over by NLNRU.  In the milling around afterwards, I met up with a soon-to-graduate student who introduced me to his girlfriend as “This is Meansomething, I took a class with her a long time ago, when I first started this program.” 

“A long time ago” = two years.  Two years is an unimaginable eternity for the Snork Maiden, so by about 25, “a long time” represents a lot of shrinkage, I guess.  Still–two years! 

This guy’s work has  changed quite a lot in the interim, though, which probably reinforces his sense that he was just a completely different person way back then, in 2008.

I’m going in to NLNRU early today, taking advantage of the first weekday of SA spring break to get down there and get some work done.  I will find out what the morning commute is like–not looking forward to that so much–although it should be on the light side of whatever it usually is, because most schools are closed this week.


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