In the time of the butterflies

Goal: 20 hours of writing during spring break. 

SA is finally on spring break,  O frabjous day!

I took my book ms. out for coffee this morning, figuring that (just as I told my freshman students about their most recent paper draft) since I hadn’t looked at it in a while, I would be able to view it with fresh eyes.  Indeed, this is a good thing to do.  Now I’m excited about getting back into it.

There are lots of things I’d like to write about.  More than two years into teaching at SA, I’m still discovering what’s weird and special about teaching high school, and there’s lots to reflect on.  Over at NLNRU, my program has had some successes and some setbacks.  I’m not really happy with the job I’m doing with my current class, but I’m making adjustments and trying to improve what’s within my power to improve. 

The Snork Maiden is on break this week, too.  We’re not going anywhere much that I know of.  We’ll celebrate Passover here with family, hang around–and tidy up–the house, have her friends over, maybe visit a local attraction or two, and then the following week I’m off to AWP in Denver. 

NLNRU already had its break, so the net effect of SA’s spring break is a reduction in my workload to a bit more than what I usually do for NLNRU when SA is in session–but that’s still a reduction, and I’m a very happy camper about that.


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