When You Reach Me

This is a terrific book. FLS gave it to the Snork Maiden, who read it and liked it, and then I plucked it out of the back seat of the car when I had to take the bus to the downtown library and wanted something to read.  It’s that rare middle-grades novel that (like the book to which it pays homage, A Wrinkle in Time) is utterly accessible, beautifully structured, lucidly written, and riveting.  Miranda is a New York City sixth-grader in 1979 who grapples with ordinary sixth-grade concerns about friendships and family, but also with a mystery: a tiny note mysteriously appears in her library book, followed by others.  Her unknown correspondent knows details about her life before she knows them herself, but she doesn’t understand why the notes are asking her for help, or what they want her to do.   

This book won the Newbery Medal last month, and I guess there’s been a lot of blogging about it and it’s been on the NYT bestseller list, but what with all the trips to urgent care (it’s been that kind of a month, this February) on top of everything else, I am coming late to a lot of things these days.  But that’s no reason not to tell you how good it is.


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