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Lies and the lying liars who tell them

Oh, dear, was I wrong this time, though.  Try more like five hours to handle the administrative stuff for NLNRU (revising and expanding a proposal for funding a certain project, including a couple of phone calls to collaborators), and though what I ended up with is, I think, pretty good, it made me extremely cranky to be doing it, especially in the beginning, when I really wanted to be watching the Monday afternoon Olympics coverage!  I used the rotation method (via Ancrene Wiseass, described over two years ago in this post) to get rolling, and ran through two rotations of NLNRU/SA/Other Professional Project, 15 minutes each, before settling in to steady work on the NLNRU thing.  In those two rotations, I got half an hour of SA prepping done; that, plus another ten or fifteen minutes of talking with Stubb while we cleaned up the kitchen, puts me into decent shape for Tuesday’s teaching. 

Considering that it was a three-day weekend and all, I sure didn’t write much–stupid proposal took up all my writing energy, I guess.  Grumble again.  I guess that’s the other fly in the ointment, really–the fact that teaching at SA makes it very hard to write very much during the school year.  (Doesn’t help that I have recently heard about three people I know whose first books came out within a couple of years of mine and whose second books are coming out in 2010.  Yes, comparisons are odious and also almost impossible to make effectively when it comes to how long it takes to finish a book.  And it wasn’t very easy to write when I was an underpaid adjunct, either.  Still, though–I’d better come up with a plan for this summer.  Soon.)