A bit of Thursday, and Friday

I didn’t mention in my last post that there was a faculty meeting on Thursday afternoon that I was wondering if I should attend.  We’re starting to talk about implementing a new advisory program, and I wanted to be there to hear the initial reactions.  Stubb got back in time for me to go, so I went.  Which meant that the day’s totals looked like this:

Commuting t/f SA: 1 hour

Housework: 20 minutes of general picking up around the house

NLNRU Admin: 1 hour (emails and phone)

SA Admin: 1.5 hours (the hour-long meeting, and about half an hour of answering student emails)

SA Class Prep: 45 minutes in the morning to write up and send sub instructions

SA Grading: 1 hour at home

Writing: 20 minutes (hey, it ain’t much, but it’s something)

So about 4.5 hours of work, plus a commuting hour.

The Snork Maiden rallied and went back to school on Friday, so I did too, leaving the house at 6:50:

Commuting t/f SA: 1 hour

NLNRU Admin: 1 hour of emails on 4 different issues

SA Admin: 1 hour 15 min, including writing weekly comments on a student

SA Class Prep: 25 minutes

SA Teaching: 4 hours, including about half an hour of meeting with students

SA Grading: 1.5 hours

I did most of this work before 3:15, and then–with the Snork Maiden over at a friend’s house and Stubb getting a car tire repaired–went over to the gym and watched parts of two basketball games before meeting Stubb for dinner. 

One of the errands I did on my way home on Thursday was to Target to buy valentines for the Snork Maiden to take to her class and an indoor antenna to hook up to our TV (which we normally use for watching videos) so that we could watch the Olympics.  (It works great.  We haven’t had cable for years, though we upgraded the TV a couple of years ago to one that is capable of receiving digital broadcasts.)  I’d meant to watch the opening ceremonies with Stubb and the Snork Maiden, but I fell asleep early and slept for something like 11 hours.

I’m going to keep tracking hours through the weekend, since work doesn’t stop just because it’s Saturday, but looking at my Monday-Friday totals, I’m interested to see that even with a sick day, I spent 6 hours on administrative stuff at SA and over 5.5 hours on administrative stuff at NLNRU–and it was a fairly light week for NLNRU.   I’m not surprised by the latter, but I am a little surprised by the former, especially considering that I think about SA grading much more than I think about SA administration, but I spent about the same amount of time on grading as on administration–6 hours.

One response to this post.

  1. I’m actually not so surprised by the SA administrative stuff. My experience has been that both grading and administrative matters fluctuate week to week (and, thank heavens, I’ve wrapped up a grading-intensive two weeks and am heading into what promises to be quite a light week all the way around), but certainly the student comments, the various updates, the deciding on summer reading and grammar books and all the rest, takes up quite a bit of time; but it’s time that I tend to discount, for some reason — maybe because none of it requires the same concentration I spend on grading? Or maybe because it often gets spread throughout the day, in breaks between classes or in department meetings, whereas with grading I have to deliberately sit myself down and dive into a pile of papers? Interesting.


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