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Trying again: Monday

Like last Monday, a long SA/NLNRU day.  I tracked 12 hours, 45 min, or about 11 hours 15 min without commuting.  Did not count lunch, breaks, walking around either campus, etc., and didn’t track some half-work, half-not conversation with Dr. Tea or a hasty pre-class boxed-sushi dinner with two of my NLNRU colleagues.  I left the house at 6:55 and walked back in about 15.5 hours later.

Commuting t/f SA: 27 min

Commuting t/f NLNRU: tracked 1 hr, but probably more like 1.5

SA Admin: 15 min

SA Grading: 1 hour 15 min (but should have done more!)

SA Prep: almost half an hour

SA Teaching: 1 hour 45 min

NLNRU Admin: 30 min

NLNRU Prep: 3.5 hours (probably some of this was more admin than prep, but included a hella long meeting with teaching team and commenting on last week’s assignments)

NLNRU Teaching: approx. 3 hrs.

Writing: 20 minutes (part of a plan to work in small chunks during the week so that it’s not such a cold start on the weekends)

No exercise, housework, or writing biz stuff. 

Again this week, Tuesday ought to be a lighter day in general, although it’s a busier teaching day at SA.  I need to get up early to grade a few remaining papers, but having decided that the other batch of papers is not getting done until Wednesday, I can decide to pace myself on it tomorrow.  I don’t teach this Wednesday morning, so I’ll grade most of the other batch then.

And since I only saw the Snork Maiden awake for about twenty minutes this morning, we’ll probably have a quiet at-home evening on Tuesday.  Stubb will be working, and the SM has a school project under way, but we might even watch a movie–or maybe just half of one.