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Experiment suspended for now

The best-laid plans, etc., etc.  Anyway, it’s really an ear infection, and I did get seen on Thursday but I do have to go see an ENT on Friday.  It was surprisingly difficult to get an appointment, but I finally got one.

I did meet all my classes; Dr. Tea took over the second half of the second one, giving me two and a half hours to go out to the doctor, get seen, get prescribed, visit two pharmacies, and get back.  The class afterwards wasn’t really a class, more of a study hall, because I was still in pain and felt I had been quite enough–maybe too much–of a hero for one day anyway. 

I don’t have classes this particular Friday morning (rotating schedule, remember, and a lighter load at SA), and Dr. Tea will take my homeroom, bless her, but I’m planning to come back for the afternoon.  And I still have a few administrative–again with the administrative!–responsibilities to discharge on Friday if at all possible. 

Really, it’s not that I can’t take a sick day.  Normally at SA I am more than happy to take one if I need it, or if the Snork Maiden is sick.  And if I think I’m contagious, I stay away.  It’s just that it’s almost twice the work afterwards than if I had just shown up to class, even not bringing my best game.  (My morning classes weren’t even half bad.)