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Tuesday’s results

Indeed, a much more sensible day, in part because I only had one class, although throughout the day I was aware of being tired from the day before and didn’t feel I was working  as briskly as I can when I’m fresh.  I tracked 8 hours 18 minutes between 7 AM and about 4 PM, of which about 40 minutes was commuting, so about a 7.5-hour workday.  I figure the additional 40 minutes includes lunch and a period of about 20 minutes in the afternoon when I took a break and read blogs.

Commuting t/f SA: 39 minutes (I didn’t go all the way home when I left; I met Stubb, the Snork Maiden, and Dee at an ice rink.  The girls skated and then we all had dinner.)

Conference: 10 minutes (emails)

NLNRU Admin: 1 hour 7 min

SA Admin: a whopping 2 hours and 15 min!  Emails, meeting with the literary magazine editors, meeting with a job candidate, logistical conversations with department colleagues. 

SA Class Prep: 1 hour 23 min, including planning for the next unit

SA Teaching: 1 hour 5 min

SA Grading: 1.5 hours (I really thought I’d get more than this done, but I let prep and admin suck up more time than they should have)

Writing biz: about 10 minutes on a professional issue for a writer friend 

No commuting to or from NLNRU, NLNRU class prep or teaching, exercise, housework, or writing.