In brief

The meeting went fine, basically, although it did cause me to marvel at how long it’s been since I sat in a meeting quite like that.  We were indeed asked to give a short description of our projects, and I was one of the few who managed to adhere to the short part.  In particular, a professor of French and a professor of history went on and on and on until it became an object of fascination to me to see how long they could possibly continue giving a brief description of a proposed event. 

Then I was patronized by a major gender theorist.  Good times.  (I don’t think this person meant to be patronizing, but it sure sounded that way.  I broke out the nodding and the smiling, figuring that if others in the room who thought I was being condescended to, at least they would notice I have the capacity to be gracious about it.)

Then a meeting that was scheduled for Thursday in my own department got rescheduled, which was kind of a relief and spared me a trip to NLNRU.

We’re going to nominate one of our grad students for a university-wide award, the sort of thing that this program, under its previous leadership (and before I was hired), never used to do.  It was a tiny fiefdom, run by a megalomaniac–okay, I may be a little biased here.  Anyway, we were not so much with the participation in university-wide initiatives.  Obviously, I think it’s better this way, but I do notice that it’s more work.


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  1. Posted by Pym Fan on January 24, 2010 at 4:10 am

    Patronized by a major gender theorist, eh? What fun. Kudos on your ability to be gracious about it. But wouldn’t it have been SO much more satisfying to throw a pie?


  2. Yeah, but it was almost as satisfying to go back to my dept. and bitch about it. 🙂


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