Gossip from the forest

I have to go to an NLNRU meeting today, which is not unusual; what’s unusual is that this meeting is outside my own department, convened by the faculty committee that plans an event series on campus.  I wrote a preliminary proposal for an event originating with my department, the idea being that the event series would fund it, and then we could have an event that we didn’t have to pay for.  Now we’re one of the dead mice moving along the administrative python, being digested, and the next stage is to go to this meeting and…well, I’m not sure.  Talk about the event?  Answer questions?  Listen to the committee’s advice on how to compose the final proposal?  A combination of the above?  It’s my impression that everyone whose event is in the python is invited, which may mean that there’s no way we can all be asked to perform, but it seems like a good idea, anyway, to prepare to perform if called upon.  Today I’ll also teach for about 2.5 hours, finish crunching my grades, write a few comments for struggling students, write a post for students in my graduate class, and try to find time to comment on a former student’s manuscript.  Somewhere in there I’ll find twenty minutes to dig up the proposal and figure out something to say about it, in case anyone asks.  (I could be doing that now, but maybe you can tell, I’m a little wigged out about the meeting and I needed to write all that down just so that I could go back to breathing like a normal person.)


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  1. one of the dead mice moving along the administrative python, being digested

    Brilliant, if gross, image! Good luck at the meeting.


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