The ground beneath her feet

This morning I had the thought that 6 AM is my writers’ colony.  At least it is when everyone else in the house is asleep.  It’s been wonderful having this time with the book.  I am thinking about trying to preserve this work pattern on the weekends.  Turns out that three hours a day is more than I can really use on this project at this stage; it’s tended to be more between one and two.  Which is good news, I guess, since I don’t usually have three. 

I’m also thinking about applying to go to an actual writers’ colony this summer, probably either MacDowell (deadline is Jan. 15) or Ucross (deadline March 1), since I have missed the Hedgebrook, Millay and Yaddo deadlines.  I know there are good lists of such colonies online; if you’ve had a particularly good experience with one such place, please email or comment.

So Monday approaches.  I’ve got some stuff to do today and Sunday to get ready, but I also have a goal: Not Freaking Out. 

I downloaded another app for the Droid: TimeTracker, which allows you to keep track of the time (duh) that you spend on multiple projects.  I’m not sure yet whether this is a tool, a toy, or an instrument of madness.  I will let you know.


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