Today marked the day of vacation when I cowered at the thought of returning to work.  I mostly like my work, but ten days away from it and I blow it all up to giant size in my mind.  It’s supposed to be a soft reentry because I have only one SA class on the first day back and NLNRU doesn’t officially start until the next week (but I have to finish fine-tuning the syllabus before this weekend).  Still, I’m all twitchy about it, and I have decided that a good way of addressing this anxiety would be to make a list of the groceries that will make me happy to have in my desk drawer when I go back to SA:

  • Almonds, wasabi & soy sauce flavor (I already have some of these in my desk, actually)
  • Almonds, lightly salted (just bought a bag at Trader Joe’s)
  • Tazo Wild Sweet Orange Tea
  • Starbucks Via packets
  • Dried unsulphured apricots (just bought a bag at Trader Joe’s that says they are “unsulfured,” but I prefer the other spelling)
  • McVitie’s Chocolate Digestive biscuits

There, I feel better just contemplating a drawerful of snacks to take me through the week before semester exams, the grading of said exams, and the beginning of a new semester (OH SH!T I HAVE TO WRITE THE EXAMS.  Pardon me while I go freak out some more).


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  1. Hah — I was eating a chocolate digestive biscuit as I read your post!

    Yesterday I reached the point in winter break in which I was bored and restless such that I was eager to go back to work! The difference, I think, is that we’re on the trimester system and thus finished up exams right before Thanksgiving. So December is actually a really relaxing month after the crazy pace of Sept-Nov, and the return in January is not at all stressful (especially because we don’t have exams after the 2nd trimester, only the 1st and 3rd).

    But of course I do have some school work to do and also launched into a major closet reorganization yesterday (the fruit of my restless boredom). So I’ll have my hands full enough this week after all and can stave off boredom. And goodness, I’ve enjoyed the downtime!


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