The gift, 2009 version

Remember how last year I was surprised to discover that some high-school students give gifts to their teachers?  Apparently I adjusted to that just fine, because this year, I’m surprised not to have received anything yet.  I wonder whether this year will be an austere one,  as this NYT article suggests.  We are pretty modest spenders at the holidays and don’t usually exchange gifts with adult relatives, but I didn’t consider not giving gift cards to the Snork Maiden’s teacher and to Miz P., who’s become a regular babysitter and an integral part of our weekly childcare strategizing.  But then, we are also gainfully employed, even a bit less worried about money than usual–and I won’t fret about it if I don’t get any nice bits of swag from my students this year.  I’ll even try not to take it personally. 

The students, however, are getting on my nerves a bit this week.  Everyone needs a break, I guess.  There’s been a kind of Friday-afternoon restlessness among the students every darned day.  At the same time, however, no one’s sense of humor is working at full capacity, and while the students don’t feel much like working, they are very interested in what their grades are, and if it’s ninety-two percent now, then if they get at least a ninety-six percent on the last paper, then will they get an A for the term?  Which, of course, is not the kind of conversation I want to be having, especially when I am grading like a maniac and preparing new classes every day.

Meanwhile, the seniors are poisoning the atmosphere for everyone with their obsession about college.  The early decision and early action decisions are coming back, and there are pockets of celebration but also large pools of gloom.  (Thank goodness I don’t teach seniors.)


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