The full cupboard of life

I’m happy as a pig in sh!t at the moment, all because I have two blocks of time for which to make plans.  First we have the next five workdays, in which I have a large but not despair-inducing amount of work to do; then, as I believe I’ve mentioned before, we have the sixteen days after that, which is SA’s on-the-short-side (but still!  Sixteen days!) break.  Once again, the Snork Maiden gets an extra week, but we don’t anticipate that being a huge issue because Stubb should not be especially busy then.  (He’d like to be busier, but it happens to be convenient, from a child-care point of view, that he’s not.)  NLNRU is off that extra week also, so things should also be calm on that front.

You know what would make me even happier?  A big list.

Things to Do This Week

  1. Write a makeup quiz
  2. Read & respond to 44 poetry assignments
  3. Grade approx. 40 31 22 paper revisions
  4. Grade 44 in-class short essays  This one might have to wait.
  5. If I’m really efficient, grade a batch of 15 papers that are due this week (students will not expect them back, but wouldn’t it be awesome?) Ha ha ha.  This isn’t happening.
  6. Prep and teach my regular classes (about 12 classroom hours this week) 
  7. Look over last year’s first-semester exam and meet with my co-teachers to make some decisions about this year’s test
  8. Write my last two college recommendations for SA students
  9. A few small preparations for the Snork Maiden’s holiday celebration at school
  10. Prepare a few samples of teaching materials for annual evaluation
  11. Prepare some study materials for a student who missed a large chunk of the first semester so that she can do some catching up during the break
  12. Mon: Run on awesome local trail if weather permits; attend fancy-schmancy arts program with Stubb Very nice evening!
  13. Wed: Meet with NLNRU program chair about plans for next semester; run on fabulous NLNRU track Campus was too deserted after dark; I skipped the run. 
  14. Fri: Again, run on awesome local trail if weather permits.  And, of course, my favorite of all:
  15. Develop a plan for winter break (note to self: prioritize book ms. and family time, but also do modest amounts of prep work for NLNRU class and write two recs for NLNRU students)

When I write it all down, it does look like a lot, but trust me, it’s very doable.  I didn’t bring any grading home this weekend, and I hope very much not to bring any grading or prep home in the evenings this week.  I might go in an hour early two or three days this week to give myself some extra time, though.  And I look forward to crossing off these items one by one.

However, if your term is over and you’re already on break, I don’t want to hear about it.


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