Random bullets of the last graduate class of the semester

  • Undergrads: riding your bike and talking on your cell phone is a bad idea, but riding your bike and texting is an even worse one.
  • Undergrads again: It’s December.  It’s cold.  Stop with the flip-flops. 
  • One of my grad students showed up for the final class with a sinus infection and having just taken a dose of NyQuil (Dennis Leary: “Big N, little Y, BIG FUCKING Q!”).  He got woozy and left early.  I made him promise to text me when he got home–I was afraid he would pass out on the bus.
  • I am still coughing and had to leave our tiny seminar room a couple of times to go out and cough in the hallway.  I got a venti cup of Tazo Wild Sweet Orange tea at the break.  Why did it take me so long to figure out that this is one of the few herbal teas that tastes better than it smells?  Most herbal teas smell great but taste of not much.  Also, what do they put in it to make it taste so intense?  ‘Tain’t natural.
  • Since talking makes me cough, I concentrated on listening tonight.  I should do that more often. 
  • The student didn’t pass out on the bus, and he did text me to say he got home safely.  Although what would I have done if he hadn’t?
  • Feeling tentatively satisfied with the end of the class.  Considering that I usually feel some letdown at semester’s end, even a tentative satisfaction is probably a good sign.   
  • I did a better job of giving the grad students clear guidelines for their presentations and papers this year than I have in the past, and certainly better than my own graduate professors ever gave my classmates and me.  I’m liking the results so far.
  • Teaching the night class is pretty easy–it’s getting up the next morning that’s hard. 

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