I am now officially bored with this cold. As far as I can tell, it’s the exact same one I had back in October, complete with cough, stuffy nose, and disappearing voice, except that yesterday, while lying down for a nap, I got to hear my own chest creak and groan like the sinking Titanic.  I took yesterday off, but I’m going in today.  It’s just so incredibly inconvenient to be out that I have to feel lousier than this to be willing to suffer the inconvenience when I return.

My sister got the seasonal flu, however, which she is still getting over, so right there I guess I have an example of how things could definitely be worse.

So far, Stubb and the Snork Maiden are okay–knock wood.

My current favorite daydream is arranging and revising ideas of how I/we will dispose of the four days of Thanksgiving break.  I want it to be more than Weekend Deluxe, with extra errands and added laundry, but I do view it as a time to get some additional stuff done. 

Today I have only one class (a disincentive, I admit, to take another day off), so amid picking up the pieces of my day away, and grading, I will be pursuing that Thanksgiving-break daydream.


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