Bad behavior

I feel a series of posts coming on in which I will be very happy to hide behind my anonymity.

First up: I have traded a couple of emails this year with a writer I met at an NLNRU event last spring.   She wants to get together for coffee.  Although she is friends with a friend of mine, I just have this strong feeling that she wants something from me, and/or is “cultivating” me out of the sense that I might be useful to her in some way.

I don’t have time for that.

Next: I’m about to struggle with another writer with whom I share an administrative responsibility at P’s institution.  This other writer is senior to me in the broader sense, but in the context of P’s institution, our pull is about equal.  I usually gracefully concede to whatever Senior Writer wants. 

This time, I think I need to dig in my heels. 

And finally: I have to engage in an elaborate piece of administrative theater at NLNRU in which I head up a committee that will go through certain motions in order to ontain university sanction for a decision that we all want to make anyway and that only affects us. 

I can do this, but I’m inwardly rolling my eyes and I do not think this is really a good use of my time.

Just one more full week and then we’re into Thanksgiving week–two days of classes, a teacher work day at SA and one evening class at NLNRU, and then four days off (that’s another post).  Items two and three above need to be dealt with during this week, but then, you know, no one will be doing much of anything the following week.


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