And then we came to the end

I’m sure you’re dying to know how it all went down.

It was a pretty busy week, and this weekend has been so busy that I am crabby about not having had more down time.  Like a lot of people I could mention, I’m not always very good at sifting the things that sound like they really ought to be fun from the things that actually are.  I did a little too much of the former this weekend.  Oh well. 

And here we are, teetering on the precipice of another week.  SA observes Veterans’ Day on Wednesday, as does the Snork Maiden’s public school, so that breaks up the week nicely.  NLNRU isn’t off, so my evening class will meet, but I ought to be better rested for that and even somewhat better prepared than usual.  Right now, I am underprepared for the first two days of classes, but I think I’ll take a few minutes now to make some notes, then go to sleep early and get up early.


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