Live blogging the sleepover, 1

The Snork Maiden is having two friends, Dee and Kay, to sleep over tonight, and from a book of slumber party ideas they picked some ideas which Stubb very kindly helped them realize, including chocolate-peanut-butter-banana milkshakes and a facial made with bananas, oatmeal and honey.  I wanted nothing to do with the latter, but by the time Stubb had coated Kay’s and the S.M.’s faces with the mixture, it was time for him to go to theremin rehearsal and I ended up supervising the cleanup, which, as you can imagine, was messy.  The stuff slid into their hairlines and ears.  Dee declined–her mother had just spent two evenings braiding Dee’s hair, plus Dee is a very sensible person for a ten-year-old–and was merely entertained by the spectacle of the cleanup.

Now the question looms: what comes next?  Make a giant board game, decorate plastic cups with glitter glue, or watch a movie?  Giant board game seems to be winning.


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