Fly away home

It’s nice to be back inside our own four walls. 

First NLNRU class…eeeek.  I mean, it is something I have taught before and really it all ought to be just fine; I’m not so sure my jitters aren’t more about not having big jitters. 

 As so often happens, the first hurdle was securing the appropriate child care: I have asked Miz P., the very nice woman from the next block who ferried the Snork Maiden to school in the mornings after Stubb left town in the spring, to save us as many of her Monday and Wednesday nights as possible this fall.  Wednesday is for the class, and I’ll explain about Monday in just a moment.

So on Wednesday, I’ll drop the Snork Maiden with my sister so that she can go to a backyard barbecue at our cousin’s house, and our cousin will drop her back at our house, where Miz P. will meet her.  Yes, it would be simpler if she could just sleep over at the cousins’, but whatever.  I’ll get to NLNRU in, I hope, plenty of time to copy my syllabus, handle some miscellaneous administrative bits, and meditate over a ceremonial latte to get my head in the game for class.

My Monday Miz P. reservation is so that Stubb and I can go out and spend time together on our own–date night, if you will, although since it’s a school night it won’t usually be a late night.  And since it’s a Monday, there probably won’t be many performing arts events, either.  I’ve avoided going into too many details about Stubb’s job here, but I’ve decided on an appropriate cover story for him that captures some of the elements of his actual job: we’ll call him a theremin player.  At first I thought I would make him a kazooist, like the eminent blogger and music professor Terminal Degree, but upon reflection, I decided that TD really owns the professional kazoo slot and that it didn’t quite work for Stubb anyway.  So theremin it is!  Now I can tell you that he spends his summers at Teslafest, which is the electronic music community’s equivalent of Tanglewood, and after the big closing-night concert this weekend, Stubb will pack up his theremin and head home.  And most Monday nights this fall, when there isn’t usually much call for theremin players, we’ll be going out to dinner, or to see friends, or, you know, whatever.  (This is also why we need Miz P. on Wednesdays, because Stubb has a series of midweek theremin gigs starting right after he gets back.  Yes, he’s a very much sought-after theremin player.  Yes, I’m very proud.)


3 responses to this post.

  1. A regularly scheduled date night — how fabulous! That’s a great way to start the new year.


  2. Posted by meansomething on August 27, 2009 at 5:48 am

    As long as I’m not too crabby. But at least at the beginning of the week I shouldn’t be tired!


  3. […] Snork Maiden and I barely saw Stubb this weekend–he had theremin rehearsals and theremin performances and theremin coaching all back-to-back.  She had a rehearsal […]


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