Advise and consent

One of my new responsibilities at NLNRU is being the faculty adviser to the student-run literary magazine, so I met this week with the outgoing and incoming editors.  The current incarnation of the NLNRU Review is only a couple of years old, and their previous faculty adviser was, according to the students, an adviser in name only, so I wanted to be tactful and learn about how the magazine has been working, and hear about what kind of advice and help they think they want, before foisting anything of the sort upon them. 

I am impressed by them both and by what they’ve been able to accomplish so far.  I had a few thoughts to offer them, and we agreed that once they’ve selected a weekly meeting time, I will try to be available most weeks during that time.  (I’m planning to be at NLNRU two afternoons a week in the fall–one on the day I teach, plus one more.)  I won’t attend every meeting, but I’ll be around in case they have questions or requests, and I’ll learn more about how the magazine currently runs.  

Meanwhile, the Snork Maiden and I are heading off to spend a week with Stubb, and then she’ll stay with him in Stubbville while I come back here to do some NLNRU and Starfleet Academy work and get ready for the soon-to-begin school year.


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