Happy all the time

From Gretchen Rubin’s Happiness Project blog, a list worth bookmarking:

“Nine Tips for Having a Good Bad Day”

I can attest to the truth of Number Two, “Do something nice for someone else,” in part because I still remember vividly a day about fifteen years ago (can it really be that long?).  I had two separate appointments at the student health center (I was in grad school), one to have wax cleaned out of my ears and one to have an infected toe looked at.  Doing both on the same day seemed efficient at the time but was probably a mistake, because by the end of the second appointment I was feeling manhandled–a combination of really disliking to have my ears tampered with and a rather imperious doctor who curtly dismissed my concerns about an antibiotic. 

I walked over to my third appointment of the day, which was just a haircut, feeling shaky and tearful.  There must have been other upsetting things in the background, but thankfully I can’t remember anymore what they were (but hey, I was in grad school, so I can imagine). 

With a strong feeling that I needed to reverse the day’s energy in some way, I stopped at a flower shop on the way to my haircut, bought a small, cheerful arrangement of something, and brought it to my hairstylist, whose surprise and pleasure were balm to my hurt feelings.  I know I would never have thought to do some nice little thing for her if I hadn’t had such a rotten day, and all these years later I still remember it.  It wasn’t a big gesture at all, and I’m sure it can’t have been very expensive (did I mention I was in grad school?).  It was just the magic of how it drew the sting out of the day that I remember.

One response to this post.

  1. Such a great anecdote … and what I needed to hear today, since I’m having a big of a grumpy day myself (for no good reason, I hasten to add — but Gretchen’s tip seems like it would work whatever the reason for the bad mood).


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