Archive for July 20th, 2009

Weekend update update

  • I didn’t ruin the Snork Maiden’s life; at least, not by cutting her hair.
  • I’m actually kind of impressed that the haircut turned out reasonably all right.  I watched a demonstration video on YouTube and bought a new pair of scissors. 
  • The tidying and decluttering continue apace.
  • I’m going to pop over to Starfleet Academy after I write in the morning and look at my students’ AP scores.  I’m almost certainly not teaching AP next year, but I’m terribly curious.  A couple of the borderline ones have emailed me to tell me they were happy with their scores and to thank me for my help.  One got a 4, which is very good–he is very smart, but writing is not the greatest of his strengths.  Another wrote to say she was very pleased, but didn’t give me the score–she must have thought I had it. 
  • We saw Harry Potter again on Sunday with Bestfriend’s family.