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Weekend update

  • The Snork Maiden and I saw Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince yesterday at a morning screening (her request, to allow as many hours of daylight as possible between the end of the movie and bedtime, in case there were scary images that needed to dissipate).  It was highly satisfying and very well adapted, as usual; although two and a half hours is a long time for me to sit in a movie, I didn’t feel that it dragged at all.  The Snork Maiden managed to get up and go to the bathroom when she felt things were getting a little too intense, so that part worked out okay.
  • Then we came home and I RUINED HER LIFE by cutting her hair and making it too short.  Okay, it did come out shorter than I meant it to (a well-known hazard of home haircutting), but it brushes her shoulders and is still long enough to gather into a ponytail.  Nevertheless, there was wailing and carrying on.  If this is a preview of coming attractions (she enters double digits this fall), I’m a little apprehensive about the teenage years.
  • After a while,  though, she started to say things like “Maybe it’s okay if I push it behind my ears” and “I always wondered what I would look like with short hair.”  The neighbor twin girls (who live with their mom in another place most of the time now, but are back here some weekends) came to the door around 8 and exclaimed, “Ooooo, you cut your hair!  It looks cuuuuute!” which mollified her further.
  • Then they invited her to come over and watch Twilight on DVD.  I did point out, just for the record, that Twilight is a vampire movie, albeit a mild one, and after having gone to the trouble of avoiding scary Harry Potter-related thoughts before bed, she might want to consider avoiding scary vampire thoughts, too, but off she went.  She came home after an hour, apparently unscarred, because she was sleepy.
  • She’s still asleep as I write this, so I don’t know whether her life will still be ruined when she gets up or not.
  • Secret message to one of my Facebook friends, Christopher (a long-ago college acquaintance, someone I liked a lot but wasn’t close to), who is doing AIDS Walk San Francisco today and works for the parent organization of the walk:  Go go go!
  •  It’s hot here today and I would prefer not to leave the house, if possible.