Answered prayers

I have decided that the solution to life, the universe, and everyhing is Dan Savage’s Savage Love podcast

In May and June, the podcast cheered me up on my two sad, long airplane trips back and forth to Hometown–the first one to see my dying grandmother and the second for her funeral.  I spent a lot of time talking to sad people and being sad myself, and it was just such a refreshment to the spirit to have something basically cheerful and life-affirming to listen to on those long plane rides.

Now I’m slowly, in stages, decluttering and cleaning the house, and listening to podcast episodes, which take my mind off the amount of time I’m spending doing this overwhelming job.  The Snork Maiden is attending day camp for two weeks, and I’m spending the days writing and doing the kind of self-maintenance things that teachers do over the summer if they’re not teaching (I had an eye exam today.  First one since 2003, I think.  Yes, I know that’s too long to go between appointments).  In the evenings, though, I’m tackling the piles.  I can’t believe the piles.  Both Stubb and I have packrat tendencies, and we both generate a lot of paper and are afraid to get rid of it.  It’s appalling, really.  But with Dan Savage in my ear, compassionately and wittily counseling people about sex and relationships, I’m sorting, tossing, dusting, straightening.  (Thanks, Dan.)


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  1. This is excellent for me to know, since my summer school class just ended, and I must now begin tackling the outrageous mess that is our house. Really, it’s awful how we’ve been living the past year, and It.Must.Change. But I will obviously need distracting from the dreadfulness of the task, so I shall go download podcasts now.


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